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 Topic: [GMCnet] Hub movement
[GMCnet] Hub movement [message #324251] Fri, 22 September 2017 22:20
ron preston is currently offline  ron preston   United States
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Hi all,
My hub on the drivers side moves in relation to the knuckle. (Disc moves
maybe .125" in relation to caliper.)
Can't find anything in the manual regarding this but don't think it
should considering the 140# torque required on the axle nut. (I had both
CV boots replaced by Jim K ~ 1500 miles ago.)
Just checking before I start taking things apart.
PS picked up the corrogated plastic for my headliner thanks for the advice
Ron Preston 75 Glenbrook
San José
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 Topic: Chicago camping Evanston area
Chicago camping Evanston area [message #324249] Fri, 22 September 2017 21:51
Larry is currently offline  Larry   United States
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Location: Menomonie, WI
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We are going to be passing through Chicago in a couple of weeks. Have a nephew that lives in Evanston area. I've been looking to find something near their home but not much out there. Several years ago someone here on the net offered a spot at their business near or on Lake Michigan. Anyone out there know who that might have been or are you the one I heard from?

Larry Smile
78 Royale w/500 Caddy
Menomonie, WI.
 Topic: Atwood hot water heater lighting
Atwood hot water heater lighting [message #324248] Fri, 22 September 2017 21:44
Larry is currently offline  Larry   United States
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Registered: January 2004
Location: Menomonie, WI
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My Atwood 6 gal water heater is slow to light. Switch It on and it goes through the light process sometimes 3 times before it lights. Sometimes it does not light by the third time, and times out for a while before I can try again. Any ideas why this is happening?

Larry Smile
78 Royale w/500 Caddy
Menomonie, WI.
 Topic: Galveston mechanics or rv techs
Galveston mechanics or rv techs [message #324244] Fri, 22 September 2017 20:58
lqqkatjon is currently offline  lqqkatjon   United States
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Location: St. Cloud, MN
Senior Member
Someone is looking for a fair place to have gmc
Work done around galviston. Or local gmc contacts there that can offer some help

Any knowns? That i can forward on?

Jon Roche 75 palm beach St. Cloud, MN
 Topic: GMC in a Movie
GMC in a Movie [message #324239] Fri, 22 September 2017 18:41
George Beckman is currently offline  George Beckman   United States
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Upon researching Gene Fisher's site and Kim Week's link to GMCs in movies, I may have found one not yet reported. It is a 1980 movie called Resurrection*. Here is a link to a youtube of the last scene of the movie.

The woman running the service station can't get the filler nozzle in any better than we can! (She is not actually pumping gas.)

It is a terrible copy of the movie but the GMC 26 is there. I will let the smart guys tell us what year and model of the coach. I assume it is a mid-1975 or earlier because the big window is open to the front. But what do I know?

* Resurrection is about a woman who after a near death experience can heal. Not particularly a religious movie, but reactions to her range from some wanting to know the science behind her ability to some thinking she is the returned Christ. She ends up running a rural gas station to avoid the notoriety.

'74 Eleganza, SE, Howell + EBL
Best Wishes,

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 Topic: [GMCnet] 4.8 MPG
[GMCnet] 4.8 MPG [message #324223] Fri, 22 September 2017 16:44
glwgmc is currently offline  glwgmc   United States
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The thread has drifted a bit. My initial post was in response to someone who indicated they were running very lean (16.x) in normal operation (at least that was my interpretation of what they said). I didn't want new owners to read that and think it ok to run that lean all the time.

I know some of the EFI units with reliable knock sensors and the smarts to do so can go into lean cruise with appropriate spark advance and get to those levels under ideal low load conditions, conditions we on the west coast don't see as often. So, from my experience, a lot of the discussion about various EFI and carb tuning topics over the years is very much colored by where and how one drives. All the options appear to work for someone, but no one solution seems optimum for everyone.

I remain a staunch advocate for all the drivability gains one can experience from EFI, but when asked, recommend the simpler modern self learning systems for our new GMC owners. Older hands, those with lots of ancient big iron engine experience, and those interested in squeezing out all the fuel economy to be had in our coaches will likely prefer the greater hands on control offered by systems like the Howell with EBL alternatives.

'nuff said from my POV........

Jerry Work
The Dovetail Joint
Fine furniture designed & hand crafted
in the 1907 former Masonic Temple building
in historic Kerby, OR

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Jerry & Sharon Work
78 Royale
Kerby, OR
 Topic: Onan
Onan [message #324222] Fri, 22 September 2017 16:23
JoeR is currently offline  JoeR   Canada
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I have soaked the carb and cleaned it. Now I am ready to do the float adjustment.
I have read about 3 different measurements 3/32 1/16 and 1/8 .
Since this is new to me, I would like the adjustment to be a one time thing.
Is there one measuremnt that has worked the best?

Ontario Canada, 1975 Palm Beach Work in Progress
 Topic: Tires I just bought
Tires I just bought [message #324217] Fri, 22 September 2017 15:46
Tilerpep is currently offline  Tilerpep   United States
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Since tires are a pretty hefty expense, I will put forth what I just bought in case anyone else wants to compare.

Walmart had the Goodyear Wrangler HT 225/75/16 on sale (Load range E). I went on the Goodyear manufacturer web site, where it says they will price match. I used the live chat option, had them look at the Walmart price, they actually beat it by a few bucks. Flat fee to install I guess they pre-arrange with all their distributors. Then I picked who I wanted from their local list to put them on. I ordered on the Saturday before Labor Day and my shop had them Tuesday morning. I took them my two wheels (I do not let a shop jack the coach up I don't have to).

Here are the advantages I see it:
Best price I could find for name brand tire ($292 out the door for two)
Name brand tire
I knew the cost before I left home
31st week of 2017 manufacture date!!!!!!!!!! (about a month old when installed)
Had the option of an actual truck and RV place as one local installer

These tires don't have a mileage warranty, which for us is less critical than my cars.

I have tried the Dextero Walmart tires, and they seem fine, but their price went up this summer, and they manufacture date I could find at local walmarts ranged from one to five years old! So Goodyear's for $10 more per tire seemed the way to go.

I put balancing beads in two Dextero tires on Alcoa rims, but these two Goodyears I just let them use weights.


1975 Glenbrook, 1978 Royale rear bath Raleigh, NC

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